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If you feel there are changes around your breast tissues or if you are feeling abnormally tired and dull, do get an appointment with your gynecologist, your family physician or with an oncologist right away. They will examine you and give you a list of tests to be performed for diagnosis.


This disease is where mutated harmful cells multiply uncontrollably and result in the formation of tumors. A cancerous tumor will keep spreading to other parts of the body and is dangerous if untreated. Breast carcinoma is a condition where the tumor starts in the lobes of the breast or in the lining of the duct.


Yes. It is completely up to the employer whether or not they will offer health insurance to employees at all, and they can change carriers and level of benefits at any time.


Breast Self-Exam (BSE) is a very easy self-diagnosis method that you can practice at home. All you have to do is touch all the areas around the breasts and look for lumps, puckering of the breasts, inversion of nipples or soreness or redness around the skin. If you find the presence of any of these changes, make an appointment and visit your oncolo

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Pancreatic cancer is the presence of malignant cells in the pancreas. This organ is located behind the stomach. Pancreatic cancer signs do not appear in the early stages of the disease. Therefore, for people with a family history of the disease or those who have cysts in the pancreas, it may be helpful to get screening tests for a timely diagnosis.The exact cause of pancreatic cancer is not known. Some risk factors include aging and smoking.Pancreatic Cancer SymptomsIn the advanced stages of pancreatic cancer, signs and symptoms of the disease are easily recognizable.â One of the main pancreatic cancer symptoms is jaundice. The patient's skin may begin to turn yellow and the color of the urine can darken. Jaundice can occur if the tumor obstructs the bile duct causing an accumulation of bile inside the liver.â Severe or frequent ache in the abdomen can be a pancreatic cancer sign. The pain can begin in the upper part of the abdomen and spread to the back. This must be pain that is new-onset. This type of pain occurs due to the pressure of the tumor on the spine or the abdomen.â Unexplained weight loss is another classic pancreatic cancer sign.â New-onset diabetes can be a pancr
Usage of catheters or the procedure of using catheters is termed is catheterization, where there is an insertion of a catheter (for men) through the urethra and into the bladder for proper withdrawal of urine. The urine is collected or drained into a closed bag.The purpose of catheters for men is to help those who cannot urinate normally anymore. To help men who cannot urinate properly anymore, there are two procedures. One is intermittent catheterization and the other is indwelling catheterization. Intermittent catheters for men have certain usages as mentioned below:Collect sterile urine for diagnosisFor emptying bladder so the urine does not get collected in the bladder causing kidney disordersMeasuring urine that is residualTo establish medication for therapeutic effect in the bladderTo instill contrast material into the bladder for observation through cystourethrographyFor monitoring the urinary outputIndwelling catheters for men are used for:Providing care for patients who have terminal illness or severe injuryFor managing ulceration in the skinTo maintain continuous urine movement or outflow for patients who are undergoing surgical proceduresUsed as a part of the preparation
The bacteria that cause staph infection, called Staphylococcus aureus, live on everybody's skin and are mostly dormant until they are triggered. Lack of hygiene trigger the bacteria and that results in staph infection. The cases of women getting or contacting staph infection after visiting a beauty salon in the country are surprising yet true. Staph infection can spread if no hygiene is maintained. Hence is it immensely important for people to stay aware and clean.There are some body parts that are more prone to picking up the staph infections than the others. If you are thinking that the most common body part to catch staph infection is the nose and mouth, then you are partially wrong. This is because your feet are more prone than any other body part to catch an infection from the floor.Keeping your floor clean and sterilized will prevent you from catching a staph infection. If you have to walk without shoes on a floor where cleaning is not possible, then always wear socks. This will keep your feet from coming directly in contact with the dirty floor and keep all the signs of staph infection away.Once you have identified the infection by focusing on the signs of staph infection, t
The stages of bladder cancer are a standard way for the doctor to describe how far the cancer has spread. This is the most important information that helps the doctor in choosing the best treatment for the case. The most commonly used staging system for bladder cancer is the American Joint Committee on Cancers (AJCC) TNM system. T - Primary tumor has grown into the bladder wall or nearby tissues. N - Cancer has spread to the lymph nodes near the bladder. M - Cancer has spread or not to the far sides.Listed below are the different stages of bladder cancer Stage 0a: Stage 0a cancer is a noninvasive papillary carcinoma (Ta). This stage means that cancer has grown towards the hollow center of the bladder. Stage 0is: Stage 0is cancer is a flat, non-invasive carcinoma. This stage means that cancer is spreading only in the inside layer of the bladder. This stage also indicates if the cancer has grown in the innermost hollow part of the bladder or not. Stage I: Stage I in bladder cancer states that the tumor has grown into the layer of connective tissues under the inside layer of the bladder. Stage II: In this stage, cancer grows into the thick muscle layer of the bladder wall. This stat
Fireplace screens can be described as one of the most beneficial and beautiful fireplace accessories available in the market. Various things such as clamps, tongs, and poker are a part of the fire-screen design. A fireplace is often perceived as the focal point of a room, and various attraction points include aromatic smoke, flickering light, and gentle warmth. Nevertheless, open flame can be linked with the gas log wood burning fireplaces, and you need to take specific safety precautions to keep sparks stay within fireplace to ensure safety for the inmates, especially young children, and pets. That is exactly where the importance of fireplace covers comes in.Materials usedThe fireplace doors can function as spark arrestors as far as the wood burning fireplace is concerned, and they can also be used as decorative items. These devices protect a hearth floor area against the rolling logs moving around when flames are burning off a wood stack. Majority of the screens are made using metal like brass, steel or wrought iron or steel. The fireplace screens always get subjected to a high amount of heat, and that is why the best screens are made using highly durable materials.Different typ
Salary or starting salaries offered is a highly subjective matter. There is no fixed salary for every entry-level employee. A starting salary depends on many things including the intensity of the job profile, previous experience of the candidate, educational qualification, and his or her ability to deliver and achieve targets. On an average, a merchandisers starting salary in PepsiCo jobs would be around $15,000 a year. This is for an entry-level merchandiser. For someone who has been in the company for some years, would make around $25,000 a year. A sales representative makes $41,000 annually at PepsiCo. The salaries will get high as and when your position in the company ascends. Here are few website companies where you can get an insight of the salaries offered at PepsiCo:- Theladders.comYou can search for the starting salary offered in PepsiCo jobs for a marketing trainee (as an example). If you read the reviews on any of these websites, you will find people who used to or still work for and their past and current salaries at PepsiCo. Usually the base salary, according to one such review company, is $26,000 ea
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