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Most likely, you will have to remove the drain flange from the drain. It will have cross hairs, where you can unscrew it using a tool called a spud wrench. If you do not have this tool you could try using the handles of a channel locks. If you remove the drain flange, remove the old systems putty then continue to remove the clog. When you are ready


Here are some of the best drain cleaning brands are - 1) Green Gobbler 2) Bio-clean Enzyme 3) WPNAKS 4) Thrift 5) Remelos 6) Drano Max 7) ComStar Pure Lye.


Fixture shutoff valves are located next to or underneath the toilet and sink and can shut off the water supply to these particular fixtures if required. You may need to do so if a sink or toilet is leaking or flooding.


Typically, a galvanized piping system can last 30-50 years before you will begin to notice poor water quality. Some galvanized systems have started to deteriorate in as little as 3 years; others are 75 years old and look almost new. Lots of factors affect the lifespan of a water system, including the quality of the pipe material and the water quali

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It is very important that users in a building make proper facilities for effective draining of waste and clean water and for the undertakings to function right. A proper drainage system also ensures a safe and healthy environment for people staying in the buildings and independent homes.There are various reasons why drains in a building get clogged
Homeowners always try to find ways for saving up on household expenses. For instance, cleaning a clogged drain pipe can bring about a huge difference in their household expenditure. Having clogged drains is a very serious problem, but its solution can be found out with the simplest tools and equipment. If the house owner wants to save on exorbitant
A drain snake is one of the most popular plumber drain cleaner tools available in the market. It is usually handheld and can solve most of the minor blocking issues if used correctly. If you want to buy a drain snake, there are plenty of options available. We have described various types of drain snakes below to help you select the right one for yo
When there is a problem of drainage in your kitchen sink or bathtub, it becomes an annoying affair. A blocked drain can turn into a smelly one and turns into a huge hassle if not resolved on time. For many people, a quick solution to this frustrating issue is a chemical drain cleaner. But, before you put the drain cleaner down your drain, look at t
Cleaning the house is often looked at as a cumbersome task, but only if you do not have the right products. Specific corners or areas of the house sometimes require different cleaning products, and hence, we find different cleaners and appliances for living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. The most common tools used for housekeeping are vacuum clean
With so many brands of drain cleaners available in the market, it becomes quite overwhelming to choose the right cleaner for your home. Here are few features that you should look while narrowing down the best drain cleaner. The purpose of use: This is one of the most important features to look for in drain cleaners. Buy a powerful drain cleaner if