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    Dr. Braddock has been a national leader in medical education, particularly in bioethics. He launched the Bioethics Education Project at University of Washington, an initiative to expand ethics and professionalism education, and the Practice of Medicine program at Stanford, a curriculum that integrated ethics, professionalism, doctor-patient communication and population health into the pre-clerkship medical school curriculum. He also led the development of a model curriculum in bioethics and medical humanities with the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, and was a founding member of the Academy for Professionalism in Health Care. Dr. Braddock's research has focused on shared decision-making and patient-physician communication, having developed a widely used framework for teaching and for evaluation of the quality of shared decision-making in practice. Dr. Braddock earned his undergraduate degree at Stanford University and medical degree at the University of Chicago. He completed residency training in the U.S. Navy and completed and general medicine fellowship and master?s in public health degree in health care ethics at the University of Washington.

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    Art Center College of Design has been at the forefront of art and design education for over 80 years. Art Center offers undergraduate degree programs in Advertising, Entertainment Design, Environmental Design, Film, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interactive Design, Photography & Imaging, Product Design, Transportation Design, Humanities & Design Science, and Integrated Studies and graduate degree programs in Art, Broadcast Cinema, Media Design,Industrial Design and Transportation Design. Art Center College of Design challenges students through a transdisciplinary curriculum that explores socially responsible, creative and design-based solutions to real-world issues.

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    Chapman University, founded in 1861, is one of the oldest, most prestigious private universities in California. Chapman's picturesque campus is located in the heart of Orange County – one of the nation's most exciting centers of arts, business, science and technology – and draws outstanding students from across the United States and around the world. Known for its blend of liberal arts and professional programs, Chapman University encompasses seven schools and colleges: George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics, College of Educational Studies, Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Law,College of Performing Arts and Schmid College of Science. Named to the list of top universities in the nation by U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review, Chapman University enrolls more than 6,000 undergraduate, graduate and law students. The university's mission is to provide personalized education of distinction that leads to inquiring, ethical and productive lives as global citizens.

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    ATHENA offers private and small group tutoring and classes from $5 per hour! Instruction is available in your home, in libraries, and in our classrooms.

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The District category of the Dump furniture store has beautifully curated mock arrangements of furniture settings inside the Dump store on sale. These showpiece different styles of antique reproduction, industrial styles, and mixed media combined effortlessly to create a unique look youll love to have. These are a mock model for you to get an idea


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The Dump Luxe furniture outlets are located in the cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Deerfield, Hampton, Houston, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Richmond, and Turnersville across America. These stores have exhibits of only the available furniture and do not stock. A similar type of furniture may not be available if you need more than one or if y


The best part about The Dump is that some of the best and world-renowned luxury furniture makers and brands dump their design samples, prototypes, and overstocks at an unbelievable and much-discounted price. As their slogan says We dont pay full price, so you dont pay full price, you get the benefit of huge discounts. Their discounts vary from 30%

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Furniture refers to the movable yet inanimate objects that are crafted to help and sustain human life, every step of the way. They can include a number of things like chairs, stools, tables, cupboards, etc. It is an essential part of home decor and serves multiple purposes. It also highlights and increases the decorative quotient of a particular room or place.Furniture is usually made from wood, plastic, and metal. Furniture has been a part of human lives ever since the dawn of civilization. Earlier, trees, rocks, and mosses were used as natural furniture. The English word "furniture" has been derived from the French word fourniture. Today, with the advancement in knowledge and technology, there are many different kinds of furniture available, serving various purposes. Some of them are as follows:- Beds (single, bunk, sofa-cum-bed, twin, master, etc.)- Cupboards- Countertops- Shelves- Sofas- Closets- Stools- Chairs (office, corporate, residential, outdoor, etc.)- Tables (revolving, wooden, metal, plastic, dining, outdoor, etc.)- Cots- Chests- Workbenches and seating for laboratoriesWooden furniture pieces are the most common since they look the best and are durable too. Wooden furn
Aimed at benefiting the public, data philanthropy involves the collaborative effort of private sector companies by the means of haring data. Ranging from humanitarian to academic use, there are several uses of data philanthropy in the modern world.The philanthropy in data philanthropy advocates the fact that data sharing is a positive act, as well as that shared data, is good for the public.ChallengesInternet privacy: The biggest challenge faced by data philanthropy is safeguarding the Internet privacy of the user(s), whose data is used for philanthropic purposes. In order to provide anonymity to the user whose data is being accessed, several mathematical techniques like differential privacy and space-time boxes have been introduced. Non-profit organizations are working rigorously to develop better means of safeguarding Internet privacy while making use of the data.Convincing corporations to hare data: Several companies believe that sharing their data might come at the cost of losing their competitiveness. Big data organizations rely on their data to better understand the customer behavior and remodel their products to target specific user needs. Hence, making this data public migh
The dictionary definition of anatomy is "the branch of science concerned with the bodily structure of humans, animals, and other living organisms, especially as revealed by dissection and the separation of parts." This includes studying detailed descriptions of human anatomy illustrations. Although the study of anatomy originates in the ancient civilizations, a scientific approach to study only happened from the 14th century onwards. Until then, the study of human anatomy was restricted to fortune-telling, supernatural, and other such fields.Due to the taboo associated with human dissection, there were hardly any substantial human anatomy illustrations for those in the field of medicine and nursing. This all changed with Andreas Vesalius's De humani corporis fabrica and Sir Henry Gray's Gray's Anatomy. In their own time, these works brought about a change in the way human anatomy was studied. With their detailed human anatomy illustrations and descriptions, these two books became the basis of future anatomy studies and quite an important part of anatomy students' lives. The study of anatomy is useful in a lot of fields. Here are few career options that can be pursued with a special
The study of tissue structures and organs in organisms including animals and humans is called anatomy. Although ancient civilizations studied human anatomy, the practice of human anatomy illustrations started quite late in the domain of medical science. It was mostly because cultural norms and religious beliefs prevented people from exploring and illustrating the human anatomy in depth. There were a lot of restrictions on the human body dissection, which was considered a debasement. So, there were hardly any realistic human anatomy illustrations.This changed in the fourteenth century when Andreas Vesalius put forth his seven-volume work called De corporis humani fabrica libri septem, which is roughly translated to On the Structure of the Human Body. In this volume, Vesalius incorporated human anatomy illustrations and texts based on actual dissections. After this, the study of human anatomy acquired a scientific method. Another important work of modern anatomy has been Gray's Anatomy, which was published in 1858 by Sir Henry Gray, an English surgeon.Since Gray's work, the study of human anatomy and human anatomy illustrations have come a long way. Now, you will find standalone cour
It is no foreign fact that we as humans exist in a not-so human-friendly world. When it comes to basic amenities required by an individual to survive, the stock of those components is present in lesser and/or poor quality of the state. It is now recognized on all global and pan-continental platforms the effects human living has imposed on the environment in which they live. From the soil under our feet to the air we inhale and the last but definitely not the meant to be ignored, the water we consume, has been affected by the widespread damage human living has stamped on earth. Some of these damages do have a logic behind its inception and could be done with, but the majority of the other half of the atrocities our earth had to bear owing to rash and inconsiderate living.This brings us to the agenda of this write-up the importance of purified water to the masses. Water is a major element on which humans gravely depend upon and can't live without. More importantly, when water unfit to be consumed is used for basic needs like drinking and cooking, it can lead to massive effects on human life the effects of which are caused by activities of humans themselves.Having known this for gene
The fact that humans live in a civilized and systematic environment, it has given way for new rules and protocols to be introduced for the overall betterment of human life. Humans are known to have the higher most strata of thinking, hence we are considered to be on the top among living beings. The process of planning for one's future and unforeseen instances in life makes us as humans a step above others. In every step of being and existence, humans have preferred to plan ahead of any happening one expects or does not expect in one's life.Although one might prefer to live and breathe in an undivided world, the fact that the land we walk over is segregated in countries, states, cities, and towns. Retirement or better planning of a citizen's life is an important part as an inhabitant of the state. It is the long-term responsibility of the state government to ensure that it's citizen's life is well planned especially after they retire as he or she is an active employee of the state.One such social responsibility that is taken over by the state is the use of public money collected through taxes for the betterment of common life and each day as it is served.There are several ways in wh
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