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  • 2100 N Sepulveda Blvd Suite 29,Manhattan Beach,CA

    Around the Clock Home Services is based in Southern California and is an in-home care company that has provided quality professional in-home care services for more than 20 years. We provide cost-effective full-time, part-time, and live-in medical and non-medical in-home care services for the elderly from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

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  • Serving Your Area,Los Angeles,CA

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  • 4260 Kester Ave,Sherman Oaks,CA

    Connie´s Home Services is a professional cleaning services company since 1995 dedicated to offer cleaning and organization services to homes and offices in Southern California.We offer different types of services: deep cleaning, apartment cleaning, office cleaning, residential cleaning and commercial cleaning at affordable prices.

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  • 6345 Balboa Blvd Ste 257,Encino,CA

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  • 12428 Debby St,North Hollywood,CA

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  • 7026 Quartz Ave,Winnetka,CA

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  • 7220 Owensmouth Ave,Canoga Park,CA

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  • 5816 Belbert Cir,Calabasas,CA

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An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that provides internet to your home or business.


Though landlines are not so much in demand; but they are essential in some special situations. Whenever your phone gets switched off or gets lost, a landline will help you to connect with other people. The traditional cheap landline phone services don't cost as much as you think. The AT&T landline only gives unlimited talk time facility at $33.


Sink trap pop up cleaning, main sewer line accessible clean out, interior main drain clean, sink drain clean, toilet drain clean, tub shower, and garbage disposal cleaning are among popular services.


As days are passing, people are looking for more advanced ways for technology and means of communication. The traditional landline is the cheap landline phone service that helps people to communicate. On the other hand, the digital landline (commonly called as VoIP) can be connected to a broadband connection which is further connected to a computer

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One of the best things about mobile homes is change. You are free to move and these homes can be carried from one state to another. But having a reliable mobile home mover is also crucial. If you are stuck on how to find the best mobile movers, here are some handy tips.Look out for popular websitesAs we know that internet is a vast store of every o
Started as a home improvement superstore in 1978, The Home Depot currently is the largest retailer in the country. They offer products such as tools, construction products, home appliances, furniture and other related services as well. Headquartered in Atlanta, they function across all 50 states, in few parts of the Caribbean islands, Canada and Me
If you are looking to opt for a home warranty company, it is important to go through the fine print of a home warranty contract before you put your initials over it. There are small specifications that determine what will happen if something goes wrong. To prevent any unpleasant surprises in the long run, it is advisable to choose a reliable home w
The roots of Brinks home security systems are in Chicago. The company was founded in 1859 by Perry Brink. The home security section of the Brinks company was formed in 1983, and today it is one of the most popular home security companies in the country. After dominating the home security market for more than two decades, the security systems sectio
The Google Home Mini is an audio-controlled speaker that one can use for many functions namely- playing music, controlling smart home gadgets, and answering trivia questions. This mini speaker can also be used for adding tasks to a to-do list, adding reminders and appointments, and playing videos on a screen that is Chromecast enabled.You can welco
The now well-understood term of service has widened its horizons since the time commoners have begun understanding it's value. Service has become synonymous to human life, without which imagining smooth flowing days will be close to impossible. Service has entered each and every phase of being, helping us lead a hassle-free existence.There used to
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