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You need at least six weeks of proper rest post pregnancy to get back to routine activities. Don't forget to get your doctor's approval before resuming to your workout schedule.


Baby Center,, The Cradle, The Bump, Baby Center, Kaboose, Nameberry, Scary Mommy, Weelicious, Bundoo, PhD in Parenting, and AHA Parenting are some popular parenting resources online.


Body image is the mental picture you have of your body, along with your feelings, thoughts, and judgments about your body. 


The ability to serve others is the ultimate sign of inner and outer beauty. Giving to others isn't just a one-way transfer -- it affords the receiver the opportunity to pass along the grace they received. 

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The kidneys & liver are two essential organs in the human body. They are involved in many important functions such as removal of waste, metabolic activity, hormone activity, and digestive function. To ensure that the health and wellbeing of these two important body organs, let us look at the symptoms, causes, and risks associated with kidney &a
AT&T is one of the best and most popular cell phone carriers in the country. They provide various attractive phone plans for different customers according to their requirement. AT&T has many phone plans that are available exclusively for seniors. These cell phone plans for seniors are specially designed based on seniors requirements on a ce
As a dog owner, you would want your pet to be as healthy as possible. For that, you would invest a great deal of time and money to ensure your pet remains in good health. Routine checkups in regards to the signs of illness or allergy, quality of fur and inspection of their skin should be practiced to prevent any illnesses. Among other things,
The news of a baby arriving brings an enormous amount of happiness in the family. With pregnancy come the various highs and the lows in the health of the expecting mother. Its important to remember that family history has an important role in what health conditions the baby may inherit and how parents deal with them. It goes without saying that fam
Black Friday will be here soon, presenting pet parents an opportunity to stock up on food for their feline friends without spending a lot. There will be plenty of discounts from the top pet food brands, including Royal Canin and Purina. But if you cannot wait until then, check out these ten fantastic deals that are available right now. Take your ti
Cats are very adorable and can be the perfect roommate if you live alone; however, the former Egyptian Gods are quite picky when it comes to their food. Your feline friend needs more than just cuddles and pampering; it needs the perfect, scrumptious food that appeals to its taste buds and takes into account its nutritional needs. The best dry cat f