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You should ask questions such as how much I would be driving and what the annual mileage is. What is the best deal that I can I negotiate? What are the down payment, taxes and license fees, acquisition fee, and insurance security deposit that I will end up paying? What is the duration of the lease that suits me? What are the penalties and wear and


There are certain things you should keep in mind when youre planning to buy a cheap new car. You need to consider the history report of the vehicle. Look for past accidents and other such incidents. Look at the mileage efficiency. You can also request for a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle. You can take a test drive to see how the vehicle run


You can get more discounts or pay more due to good or bad timing choices. Mondays are the best days to negotiate a car deal as compared to Saturdays or Sundays. The month of May is an excellent time to buy a new car. During the memorial day weekend, there will be a lot of good offers coming in for a cheap new car. October is also a good month to bu


When you are buying a cheap new car, chances are that the car doesn't really give a good mileage. While this may not seem like a big deal in the initial days, it will become a huge problem as months roll by. You will be spending a lot on gas which in the long term is not worth it. Gas prices are soaring and spending a few hundred dollars for a much

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For more than 30 years, AutoZone has been providing the best auto parts, prices and customer service in the automotive aftermarket industry. One look at their website makes it extremely clear that they offer one of the most comprehensive product range in the Country.Their pledge is intriguing indeed! It goes as follows:"AutoZoners always put customers first! We know our parts and products. Our stores look great! We've got the best merchandise at the right price.Their goal is to provide customers with Trustworthy Advice and real solutions ensuring the customer has What It Takes To Do The Job Right, or better known to AutoZoners as WITTDTJR.A diverse and rapidly growing company, here are the key ingredients that make the company stand apart from any other in the market.Trustworthy adviceNot everything comes for free and certainly not advice! However AutoZone offers thousands of parts and accessories in their stores, but the best product that is offered is the Trustworthy Advice. The AutoZone shopping experience is created keeping the customer in mind. The stores have friendly, knowledgeable AutoZoners who are glad to help you find the right merchandise at the right price. Z-net, the
Many automotive brands across the globe are known to use modification ideas from their precursors and revamp them to produce latest car models. Here are some factors based on which many automotive companies come up with latest car model ideas.Innovating the brand's heritageContrary to popular belief, using the brand's heritage gives the designers a platform on which they can work and come up with new designs. They work around the same design features and improve car technologies drastically. This gives the latest car models an image that is a reflection of their precursors but with better features. All this is done keeping in mind the current safety legislation. For instance, the fundamental layout of the carthe headlight dimensions and the bumper designwill be impacted by the current road and pedestrian rules but will have the same aesthetics of its predecessors.New technology inspiring new designAutonomous technology and completely electronic powertrains could be a liberating factor when it comes to designing the latest car models. The all-new autonomous designs will open doors to completely new designs and packaging, giving automotive designers a paradise to work on. Volkswagen
RockAuto parts is an exclusive auto parts company that offers shipments of brand new auto parts to customers all around the world. Their online catalog includes axles, brakes, engines, exhaust systems, radiators, sensors, steering components, suspensions, transmissions, and much more for both new and classic vehicles and light trucks.The best thing about RockAuto parts website is that their online portal is not only simple but also very user-friendly. Their page can be viewed exclusively in four languages—English, French, Spanish, and German. Moreover, the best thing about RockAuto parts is that you can carry out your transactions in seven currency types—US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Brazilian Real, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Euros, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, Mexican Pesos, and Norwegian Krone. Their primary landing page has four primary tabs.The first tab is the part catalog which can be used to browse the specific type of part you are looking for according to the vehicles make and brand. This catalog has a listing of all the brands that are sold in the US, Mexico, and Canada, and there is also a filter to specifically pick cars that were manufactured before 1998.
O'Reilly Auto Parts, headquartered in Springfield, Missouri is an American auto parts retailer. It sells aftermarket auto parts and tools in addition to supplying equipment and accessories. It sells to both professional automotive service providers as well as end users.O'Reilly Automotive, Inc. was established way back in 1957. It just started off as one store in Springfield, Missouri. Today it has 4,829 stores across 47 states including Alaska and Hawaii, employing over 74,000 staff members. It's net income stands upwards of $1,038 million and its net assets at upwards of $7.20 billion as of 2016.In 1993, this automative retail giant finished its first round of IPO (Initial Public Offering) and it now trades at NASDAQ market with the symbol ORLY. O'Reilly rose to be in the top 10 list of auto part retailers in United States after it acquired Hi/LO back in 1998. This acquisition marked a major milestone for the company as it added 182 stores in Texas and Louisiana as well as a distribution center in Houston. After its first acquisition, O'Reilly purchased Mid-State Automotive distributors, Inc. in 2001, Midwest Automotive Distributors, Inc. in 2005 and CSK Auto in 2008. It also ann
Cadillac is one of the most reputed automotive brands that are prevalent in the market today. General Motors holds several years of experience and has been known to market luxury vehicles all over the world. One of the many offerings from the automotive giant, the Cadillac XTS has enjoyed the reverence of being a well-designed luxury sedan. Built to glide along the road, the vehicle holds comfort as the most notable element through its design. It also flaunts a cutting-edge built that has gone on to make it as a preferred choice among automotive enthusiasts.For those planning to make the Cadillac XTS their own, there may be several factors that must be evaluated. From the safety features to the specs, every little aspect matter. If you are looking to get a better understanding of the interior features that are on offer with the Cadillac XTS, here are a few that are notable.Well-refined cabinThe cabin of the XTS reeks luxury in every element. Comprising the most refinement, the interiors of the sedan greets you with its best-in-class design. Cadillac host the modern comforts within the XTS with meticulous attention being paid to the smallest of details. The sophisticated fittings a
From horse carriages (that helped us coin the term horsepower to define the power of an engine) to hot rods, we have seen vehicles evolving with the advent of technology. We are at the cusp of technology which has a promising future. The same can be said for car and vehicle electronics.But before we look ahead of what future holds in store for the field of car and vehicle electronics and automotive technology alike, let us take a step back and look at the steps that got us here.The following milestones—the automotive inventions—will help to tell the story of the advancement in the industry of car and vehicle electronics.Electric startersThis type of car and vehicle electronics was invented back in 1911; this made the engine ignition a lot easier, as compared to the cumbersome cranks that once fired up the engine and were proven fatal in some cases. The electric starters took a step further when it was coupled with self-starters.Cigarette lighterLike it or not, this invention was earlier used by motorists and passengers to light up a cigarette in case they didnt have a matchbox handy. This was 1925, the slot is now actually used as a DC port that helps you charge your phone or o
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