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Viva Escrow is located in Monrovia, California but with advent of superior technology we never let the address of our physical location limit us. We handle escrow transactions all over California. We have a team of highly skilled and professional escrow practitioners standing by to handle all your escrow and settlement needs. Whether you have a residential, commercial, vacant land, mobilehome, or business opportunity transaction, we are here to guide you from beginning to a successful end. The professionals at Viva Escrow bring many years of experience to the table as well as multilingual abilities. We understand cultural differences and how those can impact transactions. Residential transactions are those that involve the sale, purchase or refinances of primary residences as well as those properties that are residential in nature but are income producing for the owner. These would also include condominium units and planned unit developments. Commercial transactions involve real estate that is not used as a living residence but are commercial in nature, including office buildings, manufacturing and warehouse buildings, or short period rentals like hotels, motels and certain larger types of apartment units. The purchase, sale or refinance is a little bit different and usually include certain time deadlines and the procurement of underlying documents to facilitate the Buyer’s review and due diligence. Vacant Land transactions are, simply put, the purchase and sale of unimproved land, or “dirt”. Such a transaction requires more investigations and due diligence on the part of the Buyer, and the Escrow Officer again has to be aware of timelines and deadlines. Mobilehomes are also known as manufactured homes and are very popular in certain areas of the state. They can be residential units that are permanently fixed to the ground, whereby the rules and process of a residential transaction would then follow, or they can be a standalone structure that can still be moved from location to location, at which time the transaction will require an Escrow Officer with this type of specialization experience, which we can offer. Business Opportunities are transactions involving the sale of a business. This can be anything from a small doughnut shop, to a large restaurant, a motel, a gas station, or an optometrist, dental office or after school care. These are also specialized transactions and requires an escrow professional who have the background and experience. Besides the many specializations that we offer, another tremendous asset you can take advantage of are the numerous languages spoken by the staff. Besides English, we offer Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Malay.   With our fast and efficient technological tools, we will provide the customer service that will take your transaction to a superior level. Viva Escrow! You can’t go wrong!   Visit us at Questions? Leave them on our website and we will answer them!



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